Rally for Racial Justice and Racial Healing

Connect with the Urban Trauma® learning community.

Build Your Cultural Competency

 Reevaluate your relationship to racial trauma as well as the legacy of racism. This education is impactful for communities of color, aspiring supporters, allies, advocates, accomplices and equity brokers alike.

Deconstruct Racial Trauma with Self-paced Courses.

Urban Trauma® Informed

If you are an educator, first responder, counselor, caseworker, activist and work with people of color in urban communities, this is your CALL TO ACTION.

Urban Trauma® Certification

Measurable steps can help your clients see what being a healed, whole person looks like. Be a vessel to support the healing process.

Beyond Ally

Learn how you can specifically move forward to effectuate change and promote antiracism in a role that is most fitting and comfortable for you

Embrace Racial Healing

With the Urban Trauma Provider Network (UTPN).

The Urban Trauma Provider Network serves youth in communities of color adversely effected by racial trauma.

In partnership with the state of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families (DCF), the goal of this collaboration is to make impactful, culturally competent mental health services accessible to youth in Connecticut.

Center for Culture, Psychology and Sustainable Development

The Center is based on the principles of Cross-Cultural Psychology which is an interdisciplinary subject, and draws from cross-cultural, clinical and multicultural psychology and research to inform its mission. Its mission is the application of interdisciplinary and systemic approaches to sustainable development that include psychological knowledge and research, for local and global application.